ᗯIᑎTEᖇ ᑫ ᑌ E E ᑎ . . .

ᗯIᑎTEᖇ ᑫ ᑌ E E ᑎ . . .

Winter Queen walks serenely and silently onward,
As if floating across frosted, muted landscapes.
Her floor trailing coat a cool watercolour flash,
Against a backdrop of silhouetted, bare branches and trunks,
Nodding seed heads on stalks,
And pale, grey skies that envelope it all.

Much of her is covered, her face exposed,
Brown skin glowing with beauty and warmth,
From a heart whose fire stays burning ever gently.
Her head turns one way and another to survey,
This precious wintry realm of stark splendour,
She made a promise to Autumn to keep and protect.

Her brilliant crown of snowflakes, stars and Winter roses,
Sits atop her afro of tight, silver curls,
Sparkling as it catches the meek light of the sunshine.
She is regal indeed, with an aura of nobility,
Not by birth, an inflated manmade construct,
But by nature’s hand, by earth’s seasonal wand.

She embraces her purpose with grace and wisdom,
Presiding over the cold and hardened earth.
Much of the natural world lies sleeping and biding,
Until time and warmth signal approaching Spring,
Tingling along patient roots, expectant stems,
Unfurling tendrils and hopeful buds.

She moves through Wintered woods, over snowy mounds,
looking for signs of creatures in hibernation.
Are they safe in their cosy, ecologically friendly homes?
Lying still beneath twiggy, mossy roofs?
Entwined in sleeping bags made of Autumn’s leaves?
Yes, she is satisfied they are biding their time too.

Signs of life remain on chilled earth and air,
Whilst others have sought out more hospitable climes.
Winter Queen has no favourites, but gains much joy and comfort,
From the valiant efforts of her winged and feathered friends.
How they flit and chatter, how they sing and soar,
How they commune and continue from dawn until dusk.

Her predominant responsibility is with the natural world.
However Winter Queen spares many a contemplation,
For the beings that live alongside and beyond hers,
For their world struggles for balance and this imbalances hers.
Love and kindness are in abundance there too,
But there also exists much anguish and injustice.

She sends her good wishes from within to without,
Calling on icy fractals to accept and absorb them,
Chilled, undulating airwaves to disperse and broadcast them.
She yearns for the people to heed the picture of Winter,
To see beyond the oils and pastels of it’s starkness,
For in it’s canvas are woven the themes for survival.

The fabric of love and life exist in their preservation,
In conservation, restoration and their essential protection.
For the continuance of the self, of humanity, of nature,
Of the gifts the universe has bestowed and made plenty.
Time taken to rest and to heal gathers strength,
And energy for future endeavours and strides.

Quiet pensiveness has descended over person, land and tree,
A calm introspection, remembrance and honesty.
But in earth’s stillness is a fruitful dormancy,
A preparation for growth and for challenges ahead,
A continuance of gentle but necessary proaction,
For with action comes hope and hope must survive.

Winter Queen will walk the earth, a beacon of reassurance,
Until the transition is upon her and temperatures begin to rise.
Nature’s excitement will grow and in the distance she will see,
Her sister Queen ready to embrace and to thank her,
To graciously receive the baton of hope and life,
For her task of conducting Spring’s mass awakening.

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