About Us

The web sites: www.salesautomationtools.com, www.teamssc.com, www.sscgold.com, and www.sscweb.net are owned and operated by Successful Sales Concepts, Inc. (SSC).

SSC has offices in southern Indiana, serving the Louisville metro market, as well as the tri-state areas of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Our mission has been to support and maintain “High Performance Sales and Marketing Solutions” from CRM Software to Internet Marketing.

SSC is an Authorized goldmine Reseller. We have have worked with, installed, and maintained goldmine software since 1994. We have maintained Platinum status for many of those years. We have on staff Certified goldmine Technicians, Certified GoldSync Technicians, Certified goldmine Trainers, and are certified in many Microsoft areas. We offer full service goldmine Development, Computer Support, Network Wiring and Support, NT Server Support, and have and extensive Web Development division. Visit www.teamssc.com for a portal to our related companies.

SSC is owned by Don Edds a Sales & Marketing Professional with over 20 years experience building and developing sales teams and solutions to help sales professionals sell and manage more. SalesAutomationTools.com is Don’s contribution to the online community for software and tools that he feels will enhance your business.

SSC is your Sales & Marketing Resource Company: Sales and Marketing Consultants Specializing in goldmine Software, goldmine Certified Classes, Sales Process Planning, Team Development, Sales Coaching, Market Planning, Trade Show Development. Computer Integration Support: Hardware, Software, Network Planning, Installation, Maintenance, Laptop Computer Integration, Online/Internet Utilization, World Wide Web Page Design and Development.

                                MISSION STATEMENT:

“Successful Sales Concepts, Inc. is dedicated to the exploration and implementation of the tools, ideas, and concepts that will make you and your team more successful in business and in life!”


             Building Ethical Relationships equal Success

1) Ethical: 1) Ethical: We are committed to doing the right thing, no if’s and’s or but’s.
2) Relationships:

Trust: We build relationships with our clients and our co-workers through trust. Trust is built on delivering on our commitments. Trust is built on maintaining confidentiality about our clients operations, employees, goals, and business plans.

Communications: We will endeavor to maintain open and constant communications with our clients and co-workers to build the strongest relationships possible.

Respect: We respect our clients and co-workers. Their ideas, values, goals, property, and person. We demonstrate our respect in our interaction with others by being careful and considerate in our actions & words.

Image: We know that presenting the proper image for the task enhances the client’s perception of the value of our services. We are committed to keeping our image sharp and presentable.

On Time: Being on time is a sign of interest and commitment. Our clients are impressed when we make our committed appointment times. We will strive to make our appointment times or notify our clients if we are planning on being late.

Methods: To assure that we are constant in our interactions with others we will develop written methods and processes for what we do so we can replicate our successes and diminish our failures.

Follow-Through: Our goal is to follow-through and deliver on our promises and commitments. We realize that when our clients and co-workers have a need and are counting on us anything less then 100% of our effort is just not good enough.

Follow-Up: Many times opportunities are lost due to lack of follow-up. A product is delivered and the client has trouble installing it and a well timed phone call saves the day. Our goal is to always stay in touch with our clients via email, mail, fax and phone to make sure the are still seeing the value of our services and products long after delivery. Follow-up is how we build long term relationships.

Coaching: Coaching is the “consultative” method that we will employ with our clients and our co-workers. Coaching is stating clear goals and then through observation and monitoring the actions and steps taken we can help our clients and team achieve those goals.
3) Success:

Success is reaching our personal and company goals. The key to success is delivering on our promises (building relationships) maintaining an ethical stance in all we do and to be mindful of all of the details it takes to build our business and our clients businesses.