Rimouski Lighthouse-2

Rimouski Lighthouse-2

There have been three manned lighthouses constructed on the Pointe-au-Père site since 1859 the last pictured here was designed by Henri de Miffonis in 1909 who specialized in the construction of lighthouses and was a evangelical promoter of the use of reinforced concrete a very experimental material at the time.

The lighthouse here is the second tallest in the east it was declared a national historic site in 1974 and an automated affair was installed steps from the original in 1975.

Under the ownership of Parks Canada since 1977, a restoration program was completed in 1980 bringing the tower and its associated buildings back to their original beauty.

A Marconi wireless telegraph station was constructed at Pointe-au-Père in 1909 making it one of 20 sites constructed in Canada at the time and a welcome relief for the keeper who no longer had to rely on the international flag signal system to communicate with ships

I took this on Sept 20th, 2020 with my D750 and Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens at 28mm 1/25 sec f/8 ISO200 processed in LR, PS +Lumenzia, Topaz , Luminar and DXO

Disclaimer: My style is a study of romantic realism as well as a work in progress

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