Blooming Lavender fields at Bridestowe Estate, Golconda, Tasmania, Australia

Blooming Lavender fields at Bridestowe Estate, Golconda, Tasmania, Australia

London perfumer CK Denny migrated to Tasmania with his family in 1921, holding a packet of lavender seeds sourced from the southern French Alps – the home of true French lavender, Lavandula angustifolia. CK chose Tasmania to realise his dream of producing the world’s finest lavender, recognising its similarity in climate and conditions to the famous lavender regions of Provence. The determined family began Bridestowe Estate with their first planting of pure lavender at North Lilydale, just a short distance from Bridestowe’s current farm. Just over twenty-five years since their first planting, the Dennys relocated their headquarters to Nabowla, where Bridestowe Lavender Estate still stands today. This gave CK’s sons, Jock and Tim, the opportunity to increase their plantings and production. The iconic curved rows of lavender at Bridestowe were designed to better capture and manage rainfall – a revolutionary approach at that time. The Dennys also transformed their production by moving away from hand harvesting flowers to automated harvesting. Automation meant that they could quickly respond when flowers across the farm reached their peak, improving oil quality and yield. A new, streamlined distillation process multiplied these benefits – fine oil quality and yield reached new heights. The world took notice, and many of these practices became the international standard for fine lavender production. 29239

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