Metro Ligne 6

Metro Ligne 6

So, now my 2 cents for this picture..

I got some of my analogue pictures from Paris back today and am looking through them right now. This one just kind of caught my eye and I really like it. For me it is a very good example of why I still like analogue photography. I know shooting analogue is not the most popular on here, but to me, digital photography can probably never convey the same emotion that analog is able to do. Here, for example, the picture is far too dark, has far too much grain, is not very sharp and so on, but what I associate with it is the feeling of sitting in one of the carriages that have not yet been replaced by modern automated metro trains. When I came to Paris for the first time almost 20 years ago, there were almost exclusively these kind of wagons and for me it will always be the "real" metro feeling when I ride in these much too loud, much too rickety things every time being shaken up and wondering at every turn whether we will survive this ride or not. Or the doors that still have the old handles that you can operate in such a way that the doors open before the train has come to a complete stop (and then you want to pretend you’re a local and you trip and fall while jumping out ) but somehow that’s all part of it. Nowadays, the metro with its automated and perfect processes and comfortable, silent wagons is of course much more pleasant and safer to drive, but this "special" feeling has been lost. And i think it’s the same thing in photography. Of course your digital cam or your phone will produce more reliable and most of the time "better" images and you won’t spend a fortune on films and developing (and getting back a whole lot of crappy shots) but the ones that do come out alright on analog will mean something to you, far more than all those "perfect" shots in your phone-gallery most probably ever will. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time i’ll be shooting digital (mostly because my skills on analogue are not very good and because i want my photos NOW!) and they’ll of course always mean something to me…but yeah i hope you’ll get what i wanted to say, i’ll shut up now. Have a good day!

Sorry for the long text! (well nobody will ever read it so nevermind Andi) 😀

Posted by andi.hosen on 2023-08-01 17:15:12

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