Time Of The Season

Time Of The Season


You’ve seen my Dad’s old wristwatch before: back in November 2022 for (h)our (please forgive the silly play on words) "Vintage" theme (please check the first comment). Back then, I had paired it with my Mom’s old thread counter, this time, I’ve photographed the watch on its own.

Since I thought it would look more interesting with some motion blur on the seconds hand, I decided to give the in-camera "Live ND Filter" another try. The Live ND Filter is great fun and
very useful if you want to take a long exposure shot in bright conditions but have forgotten to bring a real ND filter along. I believe that the camera takes numerous images in a very fast succession and combines them automatically in-camera. It only works in M mode, so it’s not a totally automated process because your manual settings will affect the final result. On the E-M1III, you can go up to ND 32, the newer OM-1 even gives you an ND 64 simulation, but the E-M1III is my macro cam, and ND 64 would have been too much for my purpose (even ND 32 was because it blurred the seconds hand out almost completely). But ND 16 created a nice, "fan-like" effect, so I decided to stick to it. It still was a little tricky to find the best camera and seconds hand position, so I took quite a few shots, but in the end, I even had three options to choose from, so I consider this a success 😉

The font/style used for the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock indices is very typical of the 1960s (which is also the decade my Mom gave this watch to my Dad as an engagement gift). The watch brand is "Primato", a long-closed manufacturer from Germany’s "gold town" Pforzheim (a nickname Pforzheim acquired because quite many jewellery manufacturers and goldsmiths reside there). Recently, U.S. watchmaker Timex has reissued a hand-wound 34mm "Marlin" watch that uses a similar font for the 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 hour markers. Just in case you were interested 😉

HMM, Everyone, and have a nice, sunny week ahead!

Posted by Silke Klimesch on 2023-06-26 15:24:17

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